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What I Do and Why


I noticed my love and talent for art as early as five years old, and ever since I have tried to create as much as possible. 


I enjoy capturing feeling and beauty through art. When I see breathtaking scenes in nature, it always conveys a specific emotion for me. Whether it be calm, happiness, awe, or otherwise, I try to portray those emotions in my art. I love realistic paintings of places I've never been because I can feel as though I'm looking through a window at that place. That is what I hope to create myself.


I was asked once why, if I strive for photorealism, I do not simply do photography. The reason is two-fold: 


1) I can control light, composition, and style through my painting. I find satisfaction in changing light, brightening colors, or removing obstructive objects in a landscape with my own hands rather than through Photoshop. For me personally it is more of a challenge, and therefore more rewarding. 


2) There is a strong benefit in maintaining creativity. It fosters an intelligent mind and spirit. Everyone creates in their own way, and painting is the perfect balance for me between challenge and relaxation. The process is peaceful and centering. 



Principal style: Realism





- Edward Hopper

- Rackstraw Downes

- Frederic Edwin Church





Painting - oil and acrylic

                landscapes, cityscapes, flora, and fauna

Drawing - charcoal, sketch wash, and graphite

              - figure drawing and animal portraits

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